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Mondo Piccino | Il Regno Dei Bambini Dal 1979 - La Nostra Storia - Anna Lamperti fondatrice

It is often difficult to reconcile your personal experience with what the fashion clothing market proposes, but we at Mondo Piccino are extremely proud to be able to argue that in the last 40 years we have been able to concretely fill this gap with humility, availability and kindness always in the service of your needs.

To help all moms and dads in the first demanding phases with their babies, we chose the most comfortable clothes and accessories that are of the utmost quality and easy to wash.

From the early days onesie to the backpack for his adventures at school and outdoors, we carefully selected all the clothing and much more else that will accompany the growth of your baby. All this with an eye on style and fashion, which for children can only be cheerful, colorful, full of energy and positivity, just like them!

They already have their individual taste and start to choose what they want to wear on their own, children from 2 to 6 years of age need comfortable clothes and durable fabrics that will meet hard times for the constant need to move and explore.

Those who have boys and girls over the age of seven in the house know how difficult it is to sometimes to make a deal and find compromises in clothing; fortunately we thought about clothes and accessories to suit even the toughest tastes.

Much more than this Mondo Piccino are you, moms, dads and children who have, through your demands and needs, pushed us to grow, improve and persist over the years. Our 40-year history are you, we can only tell you ..

Thank you!

We will dedicate our time to find the right clothing that best matches the fashion factor with your personality, which is unique.